Andaman and Nicobar Islands, located at the juncture of the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea, is one of the most loved tourist destinations in India. Over the years, the Islands have filled the soul of millions of tourists with its majestic views of the white sandy beaches, the gorgeous blue sea and the tropical forests surrounding it. Although the place is regarded as one of the top romantic destinations in the country, yet it has something for every traveller who sets foot on this wonderland. In addition to being heaven for nature enthusiasts, the Islands, especially Port Blair, have some places of historical significance, which are worth a visit if you love digging into history.

Albeit the fact that today, Andamans is one of the most favoured places for a vacation, a decade back the scenario was quite different. Waterways being the most feasible way to travel between the Islands, due to the lack of proper transportation services, ten years back the Islands used to witness a low tourist footfall. It was in the year 2009 when Makruzz started its operations and the situation started to improve. In the last decade, we’ve served millions of tourists and have helped them experience Andaman the true way. As we are celebrating ten years of excellence on the sea, we want to revisit the past and get a little nostalgic.

The day was 7th of November 2009, a new passenger ferry could be seen on the coast of Port Blair getting ready to sail to the Havelock Island. It was M.V. Makruzz, the first-ever private catamaran passenger ferry in the Andaman Archipelago, which was about to transform the tourism scene in the Islands. That was the beginning and since then we’ve come a long way by contributing to the sustainable development of the Islands. During the inception of Makruzz, Havelock was a lesser-known place and tourists hesitated to visit the Island due to lack of proper transportation from Port Blair. It was M.V. Makruzz, which changed the tourism scenario of the place.

Although we started our operations with M.V. Makruzz only plying to the Havelock Island, yet with time we’ve included Neil and Baratang Islands in our list of destinations and have also added a couple of more luxurious catamaran to our arsenal. Our new sojourn to Baratang Island is becoming one of the most talked-about routes to this hidden gem of Andaman Islands. With excellent vistas of nature from the comfort of your seat, this journey is truly a remarkable one. With Makruzz Gold and Coastal Cruise at service to Neil and Baratang Islands, we make sure that every tourist is has a good time while at the Islands.  In our quest to make the experience of Andaman an excellent one for every traveller visiting the Islands, we have designed our ships in a way that it caters to the unique needs of every passenger on-board. With state-of-the-art exteriors and comfortable interiors, these ferries are the epitome of luxury and comfort while at the Andaman Islands. 

Being in the service of people for the last ten years, we’ve had a remarkable learning experience and we look forward to a long journey ahead. These ten years have been an incredible journey and with you by our side, we hope to sail with excellence in the times to come. Come and experience excellence at Makruzz.   

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