Andaman & Nicobar Island is an instant hit among travellers. Just the name of the place instils a feeling of rejuvenation, relaxation, calmness, and beauty. The clear blue skies complemented by ‘straight out of poster’ beaches and resorts, never tasted before kind of seafood, dense green rainforests on sides, and the contrasting life of people; all encompasses the spirit of Andaman which allures people from across the world to visit the islands. 

That said, the nightlife, which is a crucial part of ‘rejuvenation’ for travellers, has always been a subject of discussion. Owing to the scarcity of options, the nightlife on the island is not as wild and vivid as one would expect. But, there’s surely a list of things to do at night in Andaman for a different, unforgettable experience. Check’em out. 

Marine Adventures at Night

Scuba diving is a thrilling experience and everyone who’s ever been to Andaman has done that. But, there’s something more adventurous, perfect for the adrenaline rush… Scuba diving at night – an exhilarating experience that you mustn’t miss. 

Andaman, being one of the perfect spots for scuba diving, offers travellers a chance to witness the crystal clear water along with the magnificent aquatic life in its full glory under the silvery moonlight. Although, the experience is seasonal and available only under the guidance of expert scuba diving instructors. 

Cruising with Dolphins in the evening

Swimming with dolphins is great but cruising with the dolphins in the Andaman ocean, while enjoying the exotic seafood and good music is the ‘aww-full’ experience that makes Andaman nightlife hammering and lively. Make sure to pre-book the cruise to avoid returning home disappointed. 

Bar Hopping 

People in Andaman have a very mundane life but that doesn’t imply they don’t know how to party. Sure, there’s a scarcity of pubs and clubs but the island has got some great options for the bling and the scintillating sensation to fill your nights with heady pleasures.

  • Pink Fly Lounge Bar – Fly to this bar for EDM to Deep House, which can be enjoyed on different nights. 
  • Alto Espirito – Head to this relatively posh Spanish Bar for its rustic charm.
  • Amaya – As breathtaking as its name, Amaya is a rooftop bar and restaurant where you can enjoy the magnificent view while enjoying great food and drinks
  • Sea Sip BarKnown for its amazingly wild parties, Sea Sip Bar is the best option for the party animal in you. 

Romantic Dinner by the beach

Whether you are seeking a quality ‘me time’ in solace or you are a married couple looking forward to rekindling your romance, or a newly married couple on a honeymoon in Andaman; a candle light dinner followed by a long walk on the beach at night is all you need. 

Check with the hotel staff, they can make the arrangements on special request. 

Occasional Parties

Visiting the island during Christmas and New Year is a perfect way to ensure access to the extravagant and unique parties local resorts and hotels are known for. The locals here celebrate the New Year’s eve with fantastic enthusiasm and if you are there around that time, make sure to attend one of these parties. 

The shared list of things is sure to add the much needed ‘fun’ in your entire Andaman experience. If it does, please let us know in the comments. 

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