A paradise unexplored, Baratang Island is the hidden gem of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Perched amidst Middle and South Andaman, this beautiful island has been a traveller’s delight for years and it is said that your true Andaman Experience is incomplete without a visit to this beautiful place. 

Blessed with nature’s wonders, Baratang Island has a number of places to visit to make your vacation a memorable one. Despite having roadways services to the Island, Baratang is best accessible by waterways as you will be able to experience brand new vistas of nature filled with lush green forests and turquoise blue waters. Among others, Makruzz has daily ferry services to the Island from the city of Port Blair, which is a different experience in itself.

Due to the lack of proper accommodation services at the Island, a day trip to Baratang is the best thing to do. However, if you’re at the Island one day is enough to create a lot of stories to be added to your travel journal.

Enjoy the enchanting mangroves of Baratang

With lush green surroundings and gorgeous blue waters, the ride through the narrow sea strip to the beautiful mangroves of Baratang is an unforgettable experience. You will literally feel like entering a magical world when you approach the limestone island of Baratang through the tiny water lane. Get enthralled at the magic of nature and take home some everlasting memories to be treasured.

Go on a trek to the Limestone Caves

With green fields around and wonderful rocky passages, the 1 km walk to the Limestone Caves is a trek to remember. Entering the caves is an enthralling experience as you walk through the narrow passages with limestone walls on either side and slowly enter the caves. While at the cave, get amazed at the unusual limestone formations and interesting folklores narrated by the guide. Although the caves run for over 3 km, according to Government regulations you’re only allowed to explore a distance of 1 km. 

Go birdwatching at the Parrot Island

Another excellent site to visit, the Parrot Island at Baratang is a heaven for bird lovers and nature enthusiasts. During sunset, when the flocks of parrots fly bound home, it’s a view not to miss if you’re at the Island. Apart from parrots, you’ll be able to witness several other species of birds and if you love photography, there cannot be a better place than this to click some amazing pictures.

With all these and many more, a visit to Baratang Island is sure to add delight to your entire Andaman Experience. Despite having other ferry services to Baratang, travelling with Makruzz gives you the opportunity to experience each moment that is worth experiencing. With less travel time and unprecedented services onboard, Makruzz is your perfect travel partner while at the Andaman Archipelago. Visit Baratang Island with Makruzz and make every moment count.      

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