Andaman has always been one of my favourite destinations and I always wished to go there ever since I was 8 years old. It took years but the dream finally came true in October 2019. I visited Andaman on a solo trip and the whole experience was great. Talking about the trip, everything was as anticipated: beautiful beaches, mesmerising views, mouth-watering seafood, a buzzing market place with artefacts, a pleasant nightlife and the most perfect vibes one would want on their solo trip. However, the bonus from the whole trip was the inter-island travelling experience with Makruzz. The whole experience swept me off my feet, something which I never had imagined while planning the trip initially. 

Honestly, I would recommend everyone planning to visit Andaman to travel via Makruzz for inter-island commutation to experience what I experienced during my short tryst with Andaman. Below are some reasons why I suggest Makruzz as your inter-island travel partner in Andaman. 

Gives you a taste of royalty

Travelling via a ship has a certain royal feel attached to it since it’s quite expensive and beyond affordable for a majority of Indians. However, Makruzz ferry offers the same taste of royalty at a much lower cost. One can book a ticket in the Royal class which would cost anywhere between Rs 2800 to 3200 approximately depending on the origin and destination. For instance, a royal class ticket to Havelock from Port Blair would cost you around approximately Rs 3200. 

While there are other categories with slightly cheaper tickets, the royal class is a small cabin with 08 super comfortable push back seats, less noise and disturbance along with complimentary food package; providing the authentic royal feel. 

Promotes responsible travelling 

Travelling via sea with Makruzz ferry promotes responsible travelling. For instance, travelling using paid taxis put you on roads passing from areas inhabited by the local tribals, causing them inconvenience. Makruzz ferry in association with Andaman tourism promotes responsible travelling – exploring the best of Andaman without disrespecting the sentiments of the local tribes. 

Secondly, Makruzz, by banning single-use plastic on their ship, has taken the first step towards a plastic-free Andaman; hoping that others follow suit. Besides, Makruzz ferries are the only ferries which ply even in the roughest weather.    

Saves plenty of time

Travelling with Makruzz saves you plenty of travelling time, letting you enjoy every single experience that is worth experiencing in a particular place and stick to your itinerary. For instance, a by-road trip to Baratang begins with a bus ride to Jirkatang and then you’ll have to cross a creek to reach the other side known as Nilambur jetty. Once you are on Nilambur jetty, you’ll have to board a motorized boat which would take another hour to reach the Limestone caves. The total trip takes around 2 to 3 hours.

However, when you travel via Makruzz it hardly takes 1 hour and 45 minutes, leaving you with enough time to return to Havelock or Neil Island and enjoy the nightlife there. Besides, Makruzz offers customized packages for Baratang which includes a majority of costs incurred by the tourists while exploring the island. 

Journey with views

What fun is Andaman if you don’t get to enjoy the scenic views of the Indian Ocean, the lush green islands on the sides? When in Andaman, travel like an Andamanian – book a ferry ride instead of congesting the roads. Ferry rides to Neil island, Havelock, Port Blair, and Baratang are highly comfortable and full of extraordinary views, completing and complementing the entire experience.  

Apart from these, Makruzz ferries are extremely clean and hygienic, the onboard staff is very polite and cooperative, and the travelling is always very comfortable irrespective of how rough the weather is. That said, if you are planning to travel via a Makruzz, make sure to book your tickets in advance. 

I hope my experience helps you plan your trip better. Enjoy! 

Happy Vacations

Aayushi Saxena    

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