Your personal haven at sea to your perfect island getaway. When you sail with us, you are ‘preferrying excellence’.

  1. The best seats at sea: Makruzz offers the most comfortable seats not only for Deluxe class or Royal class passengers but also for economy class passengers. The plush seats with cushioning, with ample leg room that permit you to laze through the journey in comfort without feeling any congestion between the seats, and providing the scenic vistas.
  2. Our family welcomes yours : Be rest assured, the Makruzz team will always cater to you with a beaming smile on our faces. From our cabin crew, to our ground staff and even our ship crew, very pleasantly accommodates, understand and help the passengers. This is the same case whether you are traveling in royal or premium. You ask us for anything and we are here to help.
  3. Service beyond our ships : The Makruzz hospitality extends out beyond just your journey on the ship. A friendly face to pick you up and drop you off straight from the airport with,  chauffeur driven cars to Makruzz jetty and even to your hotel. Moreover, we are more than happy to book your activities, stay and other aspects of your holiday, to make it more memorable.
  4. We take you everywhere, at all times: With the largest fleet, we connect all the destinations you want to visit in the islands, multiple times a day, seven days a week. So be rest assured, that a Makruzz ferry is waiting for your arrival. 
  5. You can trust us: Nothing messes up a holiday like a delay or the horror of a cancellation, You can have faith is us, that no matter rain or sunshine (of course as long as its safe), a Makruzz ferry will take you to your destination of choice.
  6. Safety Standards: Makruzz vessels are certified to take you onto the high seas, All the vessels meet the latest global standards of safety in terms of life-saving, fire-fighting navigational and communication systems, marine evacuation systems and other such monitoring systems which ensure that you are always safe with us. 
  7. 10 years of experience : With over 10 years at sea, Makruzz has honed and perfected its services, so you can book and travel with complete ease and peace of mind. Over 20 lakh clients have chosen Makruzz including online OTAs such as MMT, Thomas Cook, Yatra, who we continue to be exclusive preferred partners and our ratings portray our excellence.
  8. A destination in itself : The beautiful ferries with their unending vistas of the Andaman Sea, is truly a sight to behold. Its no wonder that TripAdvisor ranks Makruzz ferries in No. 4 of Top 10 attractions in Andaman and Nicobar Islands
  9. Modern, well equipped fleet : Our vessels remain the best in class and standard, equipped with the most modern technology, above par with international standards and certified by DG shipping.

When you sail with excellence, your entire travel experience becomes excellent. 

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