The Andaman Islands are the most beautiful destination if you are a sea-lover. The magnificent sunsets, the striking underwater sights, places with historic importance, spectacular beaches, and the natural wonders, they all come together in one vacation for you. Your one trip to Andaman is going to get your Instagram to handle that desired attention. With the beautiful natural backdrops, you can click some mesmerising and breathtaking pictures.

We are listing the top 5 most Instragramable sights in Andaman for you to go and start posing.

The Mud Volcanoes


Baratang Island in Andaman is still far from commercialisation and hence is one of the most natural places. You can take a day trip to Baratang Island in a ferry to witness an exquisite natural phenomenon of nature- their mud volcanoes. This natural wonder is one of the major tourist attractions of Andaman. You can travel through the gorgeous reserve forest early in the morning to watch this interesting formation. The gases and hot water that are trapped beneath the surface start flowing out in the form of mud to form these mud volcanoes. For what it’s worth, it is an active volcano and is not an everyday sight.  

 Scuba Diving/ Snorkelling Sites

The underwater scenes in Havelock Island are heaven beyond description. The island has some of the best diving spots in store for you. You cannot complete your trip to Andaman if you don’t dive to click a remarkable picture with the coral reef of Andaman. You have a variety of options – scuba diving, snorkelling and sea walks are once in a lifetime experience. For those who are not into water sports, just dive and click and boast anyway!

The sand bar connecting Ross and Smith Islands

There is a unique connection between the Ross and Smith Islands of Andaman and that is the natural white sand bar, which you can see during the low tides. Walk on the water while the sea caresses your feet giving you an adrenaline rush. With the beautiful sky and the long stretch of the sand bar behind you, pose like a model at the very start point of Ross Island. 

Breath-taking sunset at Chidiyatapu

The bird Island of Andaman, Chidiyatapu is one of the most picturesque beaches. When the sun sets, the warm light kisses the water and reflects on the beaches making it a perfect backdrop for your most exceptional picture. Get your Instagram-perfect beach shots and let the games of likes and comments begin.

The ethereal roots at Ross Island

Which was once the headquarters for the British Colony is now home to the ruins of buildings that were built during the British era. The century-old trees have spread over these ruins and have consumed a few of the important landmarks just to make them look perfect. It is an interesting sight and adds that dramatic angle to the sights as if nature as an artist took it upon itself to create its masterpiece. This Island has witnessed so many traumas, from being the capital island for the British to being conquered by the Japanese during World War II to surviving a disastrous earthquake, but it still stands to behold so much beauty to warm the tourists. 

You will need no filters in these sights to make your pictures a total hit among your followers. Share with us your perfect picture, tag @MakruzzFerry in your pictures and we will love to share them in our stories. 

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