With an onslaught of the culture of traveling and exploring the unknown, comes the threat of ruining the vast ecosystem that defines the balance on planet Earth. With the ongoing trend of wanderlust, it’s essential to think about how you can be a responsible traveller to reduce your negative impact on the beautiful places you visit. After all, we all want Andaman Islands to remain as pristine as it is today. At Makruzz, sustainability is at the forefront of our decision making, from being single-use plastic free onboard to regular participation in local clean up events. 

But fear not, there’s simple things you can do to travel more responsibly.


  • Watch your WASTE!

Not only does garbage on the beach (and in the water) look unappealing, but it’s incredibly harmful to the environment. 

Avoid plastic as much as possible: Now, it can be hard to eliminate plastic while travelling, but use substitutes wherever possible. Pack a couple of reusable cloth bags and reusable water bottles, and avoid plastic straws as much as possible.

Participate in clean-ups: A great way to help out with waste is to partake in beach clean-ups or other trash programs. Ask our onboard staff for the next coastal event.


  • Leave no Trace!

Whether you’re exploring the back country, a rainforest or a city – the leave no trace mantra applies.

Walk On The Path: Unless you are creating new trekking trails in a sustainable way, always stay on the well-trodden path to avoid damaging any of the flora around you.

Carry in and Out: Whatever waste you bring into the forest or natural environment, make sure you pack it out with you. This includes wrappers, other packaging and cigarette buds. Dispose these items only in garbage cans. 

Leave it Alone: Don’t bring shells back from the beach,  or plants and animals from the forest.

Respect Wildlife: If you’re going scuba diving, ensure that the company doesn’t touch or feed the marine life. If game fishing, ensure that no endangered species are harmed in any way. 

Don’t Deface Property: Whether manmade or natural, do not carve your name or write anything – anywhere.

Use natural sunscreen or cover up: Sunscreen has proven to be especially damaging for our oceans and reefs, so please try to buy natural sunscreen as much as possible. If not, avoid sunscreen by wearing a hat, light scarf and lightweight long layers.


  • Be mindful of your CARBON FOOTPRINT

Travel Light: If you fly only with carry-on luggage, you will be bringing less weight onboard and thus, the plane and the ferries will use less fuel. 

Use public transport: Once you arrive at your destination, taking a bus is a much greener way to get around than taking a taxi. Better yet, if you can, opt to walk or cycle. If you must take a taxi, try to share the ride with someone else. 

Be mindful of depleting water reserves: take shorter showers. Also, keep in mind that a lot of water is consumed to launder sheets and towels. These do not need to be changed daily. Hang your towels as a sign that they don’t need washing, or tell the receptionist and cleaning staff.

Locally Sourced Food: when devouring any of the yummy food on the island, ask if it is locally and sustainably grown/caught. 


  • Respect Others!

There’s being a responsible traveller in terms of eco-sustainability, but it’s also important to respect the locals and other tourists travelling to the islands. 

Please allow individuals relaxing on beaches, their privacy. No one likes a prying eye. 

We share this amazing islands with so many people, please ensure that while on public places, you maintain soft tones so you can hear the chirping of birds and the crashing of the waves.

If passing through any tribal areas, do not under any circumstance, attempt to take pictures of indigenous people or initiate any interaction with them. 


  • Keep Sustainability in mind!

There’s endless choices in terms of tour operators and hotels. Do you research, google if the staff is local, food is locally grown, their use of single-use plastics, whether sewage is treated in-house, rain water is harvested. Book those, that make obvious their intent on sustainability. 


With a little bit of effort, we can all be Responsible Travellers



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